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Best Price Good Quality Dth Drill Machine Rig For Mine Industry

The pneumatic down-the-hole drilling rig upgrades and optimizes the operating table, the running parts, the hydraulic system, the propulsion beam, and the turret, with the aim of maximizing the function of the rig. The walking parts use a plunger motor, which greatly extends the life of the pneumatic down-the-hole drilling rig. In particular, the improvement of the console has been changed from the original two-person operation to one-person operation, which has improved the work efficiency and reduced the cost, fully considering the market demand. The drilling rig is a cost-effective, environmentally safe, energy-saving and efficient split-type down-the-hole drilling rig widely used in various open pit mines, quarries, engineering sites, etc. With a hole diameter ranging from 90 to 110 mm, the downhole drilling rig has a low body and a new casing design, which makes the product more stable and aesthetically pleasing than similar machines.
Rig model ZGYX-415-1
Rated power 58KW
Drill pipe size Φ60*3000MM
Hole range Φ90-115mm
Rotation torque 1850N.M
Rotation speed 0-110RPM
Feed force  15KN
Pull up force 25KN
Feed type CYLINDER
Tramming speed 2.5KW/H
Gradient 25
Weight 4500KG
Size 4900*2000*2200MM

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